Slight decrease in rhino poaching stats
Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa says there has been a slight decrease in the number of rhinos poached nationally between January and June this year. The Minister said this when she led a briefing to give a report back on the progress of the implementation of the Integrated Strategic... Read more
SA commits to sustainable development
Environmental Affairs Minister Dr Edna Molewa says South Africa’s programmes, particularly the National Development Plan: Vision 2030, demonstrates the country’s commitment to sustainable and climate smart development. “South Africa’s short, medium and long-term vision is to contribute towards an environmentally sustainable, climate change resilient, low carbon economy and just... Read more
2015-16 El Niño drives Antarctica large-scale surface melting
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a landbound mass of ice larger than Mexico, experienced substantial surface melt through the austral summer of 2015-2016 during one of the largest El Niño events of the past 50 years, according to scientists who had been conducting the first comprehensive atmospheric measurements in... Read more
Wildfires pollute much more say UC researchers
Naturally burning timber and brush launch what are called fine particles into the air at a rate three times as high as levels noted in emissions inventories at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new study. The microscopic specks that form aerosols are a hazard to human health,... Read more
Microplastic debris may be the next big threat to seas
Plastic, metal, rubber and paper are some of the materials that pollute the world’s oceans, often in the form of soda cans, cigarette butts, plastic bags and bottles, and fishing gear. Environmental and marine science specialists call it “marine debris,” which, simply put, means anything in the ocean that... Read more
Garden Route declared a biosphere reserve
Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has welcomed the approval of the Garden Route as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. “The positive response to the application to declare the Garden Route a biosphere reserve is most encouraging, not just for us, as a country, but also for the people of the... Read more
SANRAL wants road users to stop littering
June 5th has been designated by the UN as the people’s day for doing something positive for the environment. SANRAL, however, wants people to stop doing something in order to benefit the environment – littering. It is just astonishing what and how much people just throw out of their... Read more
Eastern Cape celebrates national tourism day
“South Africans should be tourists in their own country and enjoy what attracts millions of foreign tourists each year: a beautiful destination, rich in culture and heritage, and unsurpassed in its warm, friendly, welcoming way of life.” This was the massage that Minister for Tourism, Martinus van Schalkwyk shared... Read more
The Buffalo City Metro has warned that the effects of climate change, resulting in “excessive rainfall and storm events,” threaten the infrastructure on East London’s beachfront. The Integrated Development Plan, tabled in Council, says the design and layout of the beaches and aquarium will need to be revisited in... Read more
The overall results of the testing of samples of the Swartkops River taken at the Settlers Bridge, Swartkops Village, Motherwell Canal, Redhouse and Perseverance were “unsatisfactory,” according to a report submitted to the Public Health Committee. A total of 62 samples were taken. The report says that storm water... Read more