07-11-2011 – The draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed implementation of the Motherwell NU31 housing development has been made available for comment until December 2. The site for the development is located about 4.5 kilometres north of the Swartkops River Mouth. The area available for development is about... Read more
03-11-2011 -The Human Settlements Committee has a delayed a final decision on whether to approve a proposed three-storey apartment block devel-opment between 3rd and 4th Ave-nues in Villiers Road, Walmer. At its meeting on Wednesday, the committee took note of the 60 objections to the proposal and requested department... Read more
02-11-2011 – The review of approximately 7 700 rates valuation cases should be completed by the end of March next year, according to a report submitted to the Budget and Treasury committee Currently, the Appeal Board is reviewing about 11 cases a day. The report states that on completion of... Read more
02-11-2011 – All municipal building leas-es are to be examined because of an “effective eight year backlog” to en-sure they are compliant with the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and agreements. A report to the Budget and Treasury Committee, to be discussed at its next meeting on Thursday, states that... Read more
02-11-2011 – The Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements had spent only R726.9 million or 67.5% of the nearly R1.1 billion conditional grant it received up to the end of September for the development of human settlements in the province. The funds are transferred to municipalities for human settlements projects.... Read more
02-11-2011 – The current housing backlog in Nelson Mandela Bay stands at 87 000 of which 38 000 of the dwellings that need to be replaced are in informal areas and 49 000 are backyard shacks. The State of Nelson Mandela Bay Report for 2011 says that the Metro’s housing... Read more
02-11-2011 – Eskom is forecasting an average annual 8% increase in peak demand for electricity in Port Elizabeth over the next 10 years. The power parastatal’s 10-year Transmission Development Plan states that the forecast load in Port Elizabeth in 2012 is 977 MW, which will increase to 1 533MW by... Read more
19-09-2011 – Urban cowboys and gals in Nelson Mandela Bay are in for a metropolitan treat this weekend when DJs from around the country pour in for the finale event of the 2011 National Student Architecture Congress, Concrete Zoo. The event – which is open to the public and set... Read more
22-08-2011 – New home buildings, renovations and alterations to residential property fall in the wake of the global recession and interest rake hikes in recent years, a First National Bank (FNB) survey reveals. “Residential fixed investment has been hard hit in recent years by the lagged impact of the 2008... Read more
12-08-2011 – In these weak economic times, it is small wonder that our analysis of segment house price trends continues to point back to affordability and basics as being the key priority. Segmented by major metro area value, our Affordable Area House Price Index followed by the Middle Income Area... Read more