Understanding work in Africa
“Africa has been labelled as “the last remaining frontier for business”, offering a myriad of opportunities for global and regional corporations. With its wealth of natural resources and a large, young, and ambitious population, it is made up of rapidly transforming and growing economies. “Along with the opportunities comes... Read more
Local entrepreneurs graduate
With determination and hard work, a group of nine ambitious community SMMEs have successfully graduated from the second phase of an enterprise development programme, equipped with the skills and resources necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. This Incubation and acceleration programme is aimed at supporting small, medium,... Read more
Learners obtain training at Coega’s SDC
In line with Coega’s vision to be a leading catalyst for the advancement of socio-economic development, Coega announced that its Skills Development Centre (SDC) is accelerating skills training and coaching of young learners to help address the high rate of unemployment in the province and beyond. The Coega SDC... Read more
Coega on cusp of driving economic growth through SMMEs
Coega’s success in this area further recognises the readiness of SMMEs to be operational in both construction and non-construction activities, as the focus areas.   In the construction sector, this achievement is due to Coega’s responsibility to facilitate the process of ensuring SMME packages are identified prior to the... Read more
#7 best solutions, skills for remote working
Best #7 solutions & skills for remote working such as time management, controlling hours worked, team communication, technology, computer skills and collaboration are necessary requirements. Remote working requires effective time management Managing one’s time when working remotely can be difficult, but the most notable advantage of working from home is... Read more
Top 10 small business trends for 2022
The small businesses that have survived the initial shock of Covid-19 and its effects on trade, services, manufacture, etc., and that have successfully adapted, will come into 2022 with their ‘guns blazing’. That’s because after nearly two years of “uncertainty” there is some normalcy in the ‘abnormalcy’. Now, at... Read more
Trends shaping the workspace in 2022
The first half of 2021 saw the return, albeit slow, of employees to offices and the realisation for many that they craved interaction with their colleagues, to collaborate with, bounce ideas off or simply talk to. The surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant towards the end of the year,... Read more
Celebrating our heritage by supporting local business
Celebrating Heritage Month reminds us of the importance of supporting local businesses and the positive impact this has on our economy. Buying local keeps our South African Rands in the country, as not only are these businesses supported, but they often buy from other local businesses, suppliers and farms.... Read more
SME owner confidence is on the rise
Despite the economic landscape – which still poses significant challenges for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – business confidence levels are higher among SME owners during the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year. As the latest survey... Read more
Zoho Invoice offered free to empower SMEs to rebuild, grow
Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, announced that starting today, its online invoicing solution, Zoho Invoice, will be completely free of cost to further extend the company’s support for small and medium-sized enterprises.  In the last four years, Zoho Invoice’s revenue growth has rapidly increased, demonstrating the need for... Read more
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