What to consider when hiring new talent
Business leaders worldwide worry about attracting and retaining top talent, especially as remote and hybrid workforces are becoming the norm. In their responses to surveys, they often list it as a main inhibitor of profitable growth into the future! Despite this, most business leaders and managers prioritise other tasks... Read more
SA needs to ramp up focus on addressing mental health issues
On 7 April, World Health Day will be celebrated globally at a time when many health systems worldwide are looking for ways to address capacity issues and funding for essential services. Mental health is becoming a growing focal point, with many asking if enough is being done to address... Read more
Ikhokha launches affordable smart card machine for SMEs
One of the market leaders in the fintech space in South Africa, iKhokha, has announced the launch of a new smart card machine that fits into your pocket, called the iK Flyer Lite.  This latest offering follows the success of the flagship iK Flyer card machine, launched in 2022,... Read more
Why your business needs financial gap analysis
A financial gap analysis is a strategic tool for assessing the difference between your current financial status, including gaps, and your desired financial goals or targets. This allows you to see where issues must be addressed and offers an actionable roadmap to address these gaps. Let’s learn more. What... Read more
Effective rebranding can redefine and elevate your business
In an era where change is the only constant, businesses must adapt and evolve to stay ahead. Penquin, a brand and communication agency in Johannesburg, leads by example, embracing transformation with open arms. The agency recently made headlines by unveiling its brand-new logo and refreshed corporate identity (CI), marking a... Read more
Workplace skills plan deadline: 30 April – Don’t fluff it!
By Anton Visser, Group COO of SA Business School If your business has an annual payroll exceeding R500 000 or 50+ employees, then you should be hard at work preparing your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Record of Training (ATR) for submission to your relevant Sector Education and Training Authority... Read more
Service economy comes with challenges, real opportunity
By Anand Subbaraj , CEO and Co-founder, Zuper Ask most people which sector they think makes the biggest contribution to the South African economy and they’ll probably say something like mining or farming. A few might even mention tourism and manufacturing. In reality, those sectors are all dwarfed by... Read more
Understanding work in Africa
“Africa has been labelled as “the last remaining frontier for business”, offering a myriad of opportunities for global and regional corporations. With its wealth of natural resources and a large, young, and ambitious population, it is made up of rapidly transforming and growing economies. “Along with the opportunities comes... Read more
Tax & technology: Taxpayers need to be prepared
The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is currently working towards automating the tax return submission process for all South African taxpayers. This means that more taxpayers may be eligible for auto-assessments, which are already in place for taxpayers who only receive income from sources where taxes were already withheld... Read more
Five digital business trends to keep up with consumers
It’s hard to think of life without technology. From being able to stream movies on Netflix, asking Alexa to play our favourite songs or just being able to Google the weather, latest soccer scores or answers to life’s most puzzling questions – technology is playing a central role in the way... Read more
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