Transform employee engagement, talent retention
In the melting pot of employee, company and expectation, there is one key ingredient that holds everything together – the human touch. People are craving humanity from the business. They want to step beyond the boundaries of the transactional relationship that has traditionally defined work and towards connections that... Read more
#Five ways online presence can damage your business
Your company’s online presence can make or break your business, and in today’s business world, a company without an online presence is practically non-existent. This is why having a well-managed online presence is one of the most effective and advantageous strategies for your business to implement. “A strong online... Read more
#7 best solutions, skills for remote working
Best #7 solutions & skills for remote working such as time management, controlling hours worked, team communication, technology, computer skills and collaboration are necessary requirements. Remote working requires effective time management Managing one’s time when working remotely can be difficult, but the most notable advantage of working from home is... Read more
Top 10 small business trends for 2022
The small businesses that have survived the initial shock of Covid-19 and its effects on trade, services, manufacture, etc., and that have successfully adapted, will come into 2022 with their ‘guns blazing’. That’s because after nearly two years of “uncertainty” there is some normalcy in the ‘abnormalcy’. Now, at... Read more
Trends shaping the workspace in 2022
The first half of 2021 saw the return, albeit slow, of employees to offices and the realisation for many that they craved interaction with their colleagues, to collaborate with, bounce ideas off or simply talk to. The surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant towards the end of the year,... Read more
Ayanda Mbanga signs alliance agreement with LinkedIn
Ayanda Mbanga Communications celebrated 23 years in the industry by signing an agreement with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The company has been appointed as a partner for LinkedIn Talent Solutions in the South African market, helping the organisation expand its footprint of customers invested in their hiring,... Read more
Becoming a successful, significant business
A few months back, Dr Steve Harris, teambuilding motivational speaker in South Africa and The Mind Doctor, discussed the Blue Oceans Strategy from Chan Kim’s 2005 book. Kim’s blue oceans’ metaphor defines a blue ocean as a less contested space. Here, the opposition is not as relevant, and you thrive (Kim, 2005).... Read more
4 things South African businesses must know about digital signatures
Digital transformation and automation have turned electronic signatures into a business necessity and a legitimate replacement for traditional wet signatures. In light of this, businesses can no longer ignore digital signatures. Although similar, electronic signature and digital signature are not synonyms. A digital signature is a technique that protects... Read more
WFH dilemma for companies post COVID
Companies are re-evaluating their business models and operations. The question is: Do they revert back to the traditional office like it was pre-2020, or do they operate a hybrid model? While COVID-19 is set to have a permanent impact on the real estate industry and the office market, exactly... Read more
New business buzzword: Asynchronous working
The Covid-19 pandemic has spawned its own vocabulary over the past year and a half. Terms such as ‘lockdown’, ‘R rate’ and ‘social distancing’ have become part of our day-to-day discourse. As a new world of work takes shape in the aftermath of the crisis, many of us are... Read more

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