Coega places its footprint across Africa Coega places its footprint across Africa
The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is an African public sector organization which has an African footprint as well as extensive experience in providing African... Coega places its footprint across Africa

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is an African public sector organization which has an African footprint as well as extensive experience in providing African solutions to African problems and challenges.

The organization seeks to intensify its business outreach efforts by going beyond the borders of South Africa. It has pervasive capabilities within Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, ICT and Facilities as well as effective localization solutions.

The CDC, an ISO accredited organization and an operator of the Special Economic Zone, provides construction and building solutions to local & international investors, business process solutions to clients locally in the Eastern Cape and throughout South Africa, and is also the preferred Implementing Agent (IA) for the South African government’s Infrastructure and Facilities Management Programme by providing expertise and capacity in minor and mega infrastructure and facilities development & management projects.

Therefore, the CDC is keen to see the aforementioned expertise and experience spanning over 19 years utilized in the delivery of mega infrastructure projects on the African content.

To this end, the CDC has a long-standing experience in the conceptualization, design, implementation and the operation of the most successful Coega Special Economic Zone in Africa.

Such experience and expertise have over the past 10 years become the pride and yardstick of the South African government infrastructure development programme in the delivery of a rich portfolio of public infrastructure programme across the country, worth a US$1 billion.

These, include among others the building of new school facilities in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, hospitals and clinics, public libraries, sporting facilities, and other mega infrastructure development projects.  There is no any other SEZ in the country with the same wealth of experience and expertise, which therefore makes the CDC ideal for expansion into new markets on the African continent to assist government implement their own infrastructure programs.

Through the Africa Trade and Investments Solutions Strategy, the CDC is at the helm of the country’s renewed drive for business exchanges between South Africa and the rest of the African content. The organization is currently embarking on project delivery and operationalization of key public infrastructure throughout the continent.

The CDC’s value proposition in terms of the infrastructure programme implementation leverages the following:

  • The inclusion of local supplier value chain;
  • Local content development;
  • Capacity and capability development;
  • Labour management; and

A streamlined approach to benefits management across the project lifecycle.

To date, the CDC has begun in earnest providing consulting and advisory services to three (3) other African countries and is therefore extending its business interest to the rest of the African continent.

Coega also plays a pivotal role in advancing the regions readiness for various energy projects. These energy projects comprise of generation, manufacturing as well as services orientated projects.

The Engie-led Dedisa Peaking Power Plant, shown below, which is a diesel driven 342 MW plant is one of the largest operational energy plants at Coega to date at the value of US$ 320 million.

This investment displays the capability of Coega’s value creation through the co-ordination of key enabling infrastructure, with almost zero construction disruptions due to the effective labour management framework, which benefited the Enige-led project consortium and many other investors in the SEZ, which include China First Automotive Works (FAW), Discovery & WNS (Business Process Outsourcing), Coega Dairy, PE Cold Storage, Tiger Brands, and recently the US$1 billion Beijing Automotive International Company (BAIC). The total value of operational investment is US$ 800 million.

Therefore, the total investment in the Coega SEZ including infrastructure development programmes is approximately US$3 billion, contributing in excess of 100,000 new jobs created over the past 18 years and trained more than 90,000 people on various skills related to infrastructure development.

A key competitive advantage is the CDC’s ability to scale its operations, leverages innovation, business ecosystems and strategic collaboration in order to build symbiotic synthesis, enhance competiveness as well as benefits realization of transformational infrastructure projects.

In conclusion, the captains of industry and government departments on the African continent should look no further than the CDC for investment opportunities and infrastructure expertise and experience. We remain committed in being the leading catalyst for championing of the socio-economic growth in South Africa and the broader African continent in order to meet the regional developmental agenda.



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