I was born in East London, 9 April 1969. I studied clothing production management at Natal Technikon and then moved on to worked at...

GetNews: Tell us about your current role.

Ruth: I manage ruthanne.com, an online clothing website and blog. My scope of work for RuthAnne includes running wholesale of ladies clothing brand to boutiques around SA as well as for the Ruthanne retail store at  48 Devereux Avenue, East London.

All in all demanding, growing and challenging. A see-saw of managing work time, commitments and family time. Sometimes I feel split in two! I’m fortunate to have a supportive family and friend base which I can’t do without.

GetNews: August is Women’s Month.  What is the biggest challenge facing women in the 21st century?

Ruth: Being confident and comfortable with who you are and where you’re going is a universal challenge facing women in the 21st century.

GetNews: If you look at women today, what do you think women should be celebrating about their roles, the value that they add to society & their families?

Ruth: Well there’s a truth that is eternal, women were created to add value to everything they touch. Women make houses into homes, food into celebrations, marriage into families. We have much to celebrate. But let’s not forget the importance of our half (men), for without the total commitment to families we have an imbalanced society.

GetNews: What is your hope/dream for women during this month?

Ruth: That women celebrate their freedom. Every woman is femininely beautiful. Some just don’t know it yet. Our power lies in our femininity.

GetNews: Most say women can have it all – a business career and fulfilled family life? Your thoughts?

Ruth: Can any woman or man have it all? My children will always come first. They are mine to shape and as a wise lady said to me it is my responsibility to create their memories.

GetNews: How should a woman view fashion?

Ruth: Fashion should be treated very much as tongue in cheek and take with a big dollop of humour.

GetNews: If you could our readers one top fashion tip which they could use their advantage?

Learn to dress for yourself and develop your own sense of style. Have fun and always try new things.

GetNews: You travel regularly to the major fashion capitals of the world?  What is your favourite city and why?

Ruth: I wish I did travel regularly to the major fashion capitals. I love Europe, the history and the art. I would like to explore Italy more.

GetNews: Lastly, you stay in East London in the Eastern Cape.  What makes you love the city and what are your hopes for the province?

Ruth: It’s an excellent small town with beautiful beaches fantastic schools and makes for a great family town. Everything I need is within a five-minute drive.

GetNews: What would you like to be remembered for?

Ruth: Kindness, generosity and hopefully for inspiring others to live large.

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