Mandela Day comes early to PE hospital Mandela Day comes early to PE hospital
Staff at the Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth were delighted to receive 500 masks from a buy 1, donate 1 mask drive project run... Mandela Day comes early to PE hospital

Staff at the Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth were delighted to receive 500 masks from a buy 1, donate 1 mask drive project run by the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA).

The masks are sewn according to the Department of Health guidelines and are made up of 3 layers.  The outer layer is 100% cotton, the middle layer – Spunbon interfacing, which inhibits the transfer of small particles yet doesn’t inhibit breathing – and an inner layer made of polyester. Elastic ear loops make putting on and taking off the mask as quick and easy as possible. 

Wearing a mask to protect yourself and others against the COVID-19 virus has become a critical message from the World Health Organization as well as our Government. 

However, sometimes access to basic healthcare equipment is a challenge which is why CCFA, a PE based not-for-profit company, recently brought forward their Nelson Mandela Day initiative and donated 500 masks to the Livingstone Hospital.

‘We read about the need for masks at Livingstone Hospital and, considering the invaluable work they are doing at this time and with our head office being based in Port Elizabeth, we decided to bring our Mandela Day initiative forward,’ explains Di Luden, Executive Director of CCFA. 

Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth received 500 masks from the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA).

‘It was the most humbling experience to visit the hospital and interact with the staff, who are exhausted coping with the increasing numbers in the COVID-19 infections. But, they remain cheerful, upbeat and optimistic and were truly grateful for the donation.’

The donation was arranged through Dr Emma Gardiner and Tania Muthen and, according to staff at the handover, the masks will be given to the clinical support services with the remainder used for the Emergency Department Personnel, as well as any patients arriving at the hospital without a mask.

The masks, sponsored by CCFA, are handmade by women in a job creation project the NPC supports, who normally sew animal mascots for tourists.  However, due to the lack of tourism and the increase in demand for masks, they adapted their business model to sew masks, not only to generate a much-needed income, but to assist in trying to contain the spread of COVD-19.

The masks are available to the general public and, for each pack purchased, CCFA will donate one to a local hospital in need. They are available in four sizes: Men’s, ladies, teenagers (ages 7 to 12) and children (3 to 6 years) and in either Shweshwe cotton or washed ‘denim’ look.

Luden says, ‘We are selling the masks in packs of two at R100.  Orders are via the website with masks shipped directly from our group of sewers to the client. We are appealing to everyone to support this initiative, it will not only protect yourself and the people you interact with but will ensure the survival for a small group of women and their dependents in Kylemore, while providing a much needed supply of masks for  hospitals in our Province.’

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Antoinette Panton

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