Vulekamali portal makes Budget more accessible
The Vulekamali portal, launched by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba on Tuesday, will make information on the Budget more accessible to ordinary South Africans. The online portal presents information in a simplified format and shows members of the public how public resources are generated and used. The Minister launched the... Read more
South African millennials key to enforcing King IV
The eyes of the world are again fixed on South Africa, as the country finds itself at a turning point in its democratic history. From state capture to large-scale corporate wrongdoing, 2018 will hopefully see the South African business society experience an age of ethical enlightenment, or run the... Read more
Top five business risks for Southern Africa
Political uncertainty through transitions and instability are among the key risks for businesses in Southern Africa in 2018, says specialist global risk consultancy Control Risks ( in its annual political and security risk forecast RiskMap. Control Risks’ Senior Partner for Southern Africa George Nicholls comments: “2018 will see continued... Read more
US study: Rising stress at work driven by politics, AI, pressure to master new skills 
Workplace stress is on the rise, and American workers are actively addressing it by learning new skills, according to a Udemy report released today called “Workplace Confidential: The Real Story Behind Stress, Skills, and Success in America.” The survey, conducted on behalf of the global marketplace for learning and teaching online, found more... Read more
Poverty on the rise in South Africa
The proportion of the population living in poverty declined from 66,6% (31,6 million persons) in 2006 to 53,2% (27,3 million) in 2011, but increased to 55,5% (30,4 million) in 2015. The number of persons living in extreme poverty (i.e. persons living below the 2015 Food Poverty Line of R441... Read more
Female entrepreneurs and the challenges they face
Women make up about 50% of the world population and 40% of the global workforce, but they only own about 1% of the world’s wealth says Kevin Vlietman of  Transaction Capital Business Solutions. That is slowly changing as in the United States, according to The National Association of Women... Read more
New study: Higher cognitive abilities linked to great risk of stereotyping
People with higher cognitive abilities are more likely to learn and apply social stereotypes, finds a new study. The results, stemming from a series of experiments, show that those with higher cognitive abilities also more easily unlearn stereotypes when presented with new information. “Superior cognitive abilities are often associated... Read more
Companies urged to manage their corporate governance risks
Corporate governance is rapidly becoming the widest business risk in South Africa, as the number of large corporates facing accusations of involvement in corruption and unethical behaviour continues to grow. This according to Johannes du Plessis, Legal Advisor at RBS (Risk Benefit Solutions Pty Ltd), an authorised financial services... Read more
Harnessing crowd wisdom to forecast
Forecasters often overestimate how good they are at predicting geopolitical events—everything from who will become the next pope to who will win the next national election in Taiwan. But Berkeley-Haas management professor Don Moore and a team of researchers found a new way to improve that outcome by training ordinary people... Read more
Trend specialist Sanei to share his “forever profitable” insights
Each and every business strives to be profitable – not just profitable but forever profitable. In this day and age, where tough economies have affected profitability, businesses across the globe have taken strain. Downsizing, liquidations and bankruptcy are among the many terms that we have become accustomed to hearing.... Read more