Uber Eats launches in East London Uber Eats launches in East London
The new normal has been characterised by lazy days spent indoors, as well as many new budding chefs looking to master their cooking skills... Uber Eats launches in East London

The new normal has been characterised by lazy days spent indoors, as well as many new budding chefs looking to master their cooking skills by spending countless hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

It’s finally time to take a well-deserved break because Uber Eats is excited to launch in East London, providing one less thing to worry about, as it brings eaters quick and reliable meals and essentials at the tap of a button. 

From today, Eaters can enjoy ordering their favourite meals from their long time favourites Milky Lane, Rocomama’s and McDonald’s as well as local favourites Sanook, Angela’s Coffee Shop and Earth Forrest.

To commemorate this special occasion, from Monday, 22 June, till Sunday 28 June, residents of East London can enjoy a buy one get one free campaign from select restaurants.

For those who are not close by and would love to surprise their friends or family, Uber Eats has introduced a new feature that allows users to easily send food to loved ones and share the status of that delivery with a simple link. 

Supporting small businesses

The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest as a result of COVID-19. Uber Eats believes in the importance of gathering data to help restaurant partners reach new customers. Finding out what their customers like and what they’re doing can give a great insight into how to grow their business. 

“We are so delighted to be launching in East London to provide small businesses with an extra platform that they can use to spread the word about their restaurant, bringing in new customers as well as making it easier for their regulars to return,” said Ailyssa Pretorius, General Manager of Uber Eats.

This new launch marks Uber Eats’ 11th city in South Africa and will provide more earning opportunities to many residents who have been deeply impacted by the global pandemic and have thus had to look for more ways to sustain their income or find suitable work opportunities. 

The new normal

As many South Africans continue to get back into the swing of things and settle into the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, a safe and convenient way of living is still a critical necessity for most. Safety continues to be a top priority for Uber Eats, and the app offers contactless delivery to minimize physical contact and with live-tracking, Eaters can follow their order in-app from beginning to end.

All couriers will also be required to follow an in-app safety checklist, which will require them to confirm that they are regularly sanitising their vehicle and delivery bags,  and will be asked to take a selfie before going online to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering using new object recognition technology. 

How to order:

  • Download the Uber Eats app from either the iTunes or Android app stores or order at ubereats.com
  • Sign up and enter the relevant details. 
  • Select a restaurant or store, and choose what you want to order
  • New users can use the code HELLOEL to receive R75 off their first two orders (Minimum basket size of R100.) 
    • Give Get Promo: Refer a friend and give them R75 off their first order while you get R50 off your next order.
  • Press “place order” and watch as your order gets picked up and delivered right to your door 
  • Your receipt will be sent to your email address associated with your Uber account or can be viewed in your app

Uber Eats is more than just a time-saver, it’s a lifestyle enhancer with a variety of food tailored to your needs through unique filters and recommendations. An everyday solution, the user-friendly app lets the user order with just a few taps. 

Antoinette Panton

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